Stretch Marks On Arms: How to get Rid Of it?

So far, lamentably, there’s no remarkable solution to treating stretch marks, which constitute intradermal scarring, generally observed secondary to pregnancy, weight problems, or to your case, a growth spurt. At the same time as surgical excision is an alternative, you are essentially buying and selling a scar for a scar and there’s no guarantee that the new scar can be any greater aesthetically attractive than your stretch marks.


You can need to consider “micro-needle” treatments in conjunction with sound skin rejuvenation software. In our hands, this has produced favorable outcomes oftentimes, despite the fact that no longer all. I might recommend consulting together with your neighborhood plastic health care provider to plot the pleasant answer feasible in your precise case.
It’s miles difficult to tell precisely what you will need without a bodily examination of your fingers. I recommend you are searching for a board certified plastic physician who performs those automatically and have a consultation.
If you decide to undergo an arm carry or brachioplasty, stretch marks within the region of surgical resection might be permanently removed. However, please be conscious, that stretch marks outdoor the surgical excision region will still be there.
During a medial, longitudinal arm lift, an incision is made from the armpit to the elbow. An elliptical place of pores and skin and fat is eliminated from the internal arm. If you have stretch marks on this vicinity, these arm stretch marks will be completely removed. When you have stretch marks inside the armpit, axillae, or the vicinity that hangs over the bra strap line, an incision can be positioned from the armpit right down to the higher bra strap line. An elliptical region of pores and skin and fat is removed from the upper armpit or axillary place. This is called a vertical thoracoplasty. Stretch marks on this area could be completely eliminated with a vertical thoracoplasty.
I hope this answers your questions concerning stretch marks below the hands and top torso.
Properly good fortune! When you have any questions, please do now not hesitate to contact my workplace.
Without a photo, it is impossible to recognise if an arm lift is a great idea for you. In that case, that surgery may additionally take away a lot of your stretch marks.
Directly cutting out stretch marks isn’t an awesome idea–replaces scars (stretch marks) with new scars (surgical).
There are lasers and RF gadgets that would help improve the appearance of your stretch marks, but nothing (aside from surgical procedure) will actually remove them.
Stretch marks are intradermal scars – excising them leaves scars — so that you alternate a scar for a scar — can’t say you get something better with surgery – except you have got a whole lot of extra skin.

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