Pregnancy Hives Explained

You can get hives when you are pregnant. This happens when red pale colored bumps are on the surface of your skin. These bumps will be raised and itchy. This condition can happen to women in all stages of pregnancy. Due to the major chemical changes that happen in the female body when pregnancy occurs, there is a chance that you may experience hives as a side effect. Some women who have never experienced hives before, end up developing hives during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy hives are an issue that you may have to face when you are pregnant. Using an over the counter antihistamine product can help to combat the symptoms, however, you should speak with your medical professional to ensure that you are able to safely take the medication before you use it. When you are pregnant you have to be careful about the products that you use as your baby can have nasty side effects due to a medication.

When you are pregnant the body has many medical changes. The changes in hormones can be something that you have never experienced before in your lifetime. This could cause your immune system to react in a bad way. The immune system thinks that there is a foreign substance in the body due to the imbalance in the hormonal chemicals. This causes the immune system in the female body to release a chemical called histamine to fight off the foreign chemicals. The histamine is what causes an adverse reaction of bumps on the skin that women have to deal with. These hives can be extremely itchy and painful to deal with.

These can appear almost anywhere on your entire body. They may develop in one area and spread to other areas outside of the body. They can be small or large patches of itchy, raised skin. Those women who are pregnant with twins typically are at a higher risk for developing pregnancy hives than women who are only pregnant with one child. If you notice that you have raised welts on your skin that itch, you should take to your doctor about a treatment. These hives can be extremely frustrating to deal with and you should seek medication attention to find a cure and relax your body.

In most cases, pregnancy hives are not dangers. Only in cases where the hives start to develop underneath the skin in the neck and throat region, can they really become dangerous to the mother.

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