In-a-snap meat loaf recipe

Some people don’t like meat loaf as they find it boring, but it is easy to make, easy to cook, and it keeps well so for me it is a great dish to make every once in a while. If you find the taste bland, or someone you are serving it to does, then either add some more ingredients to the recipe to give it more taste (like some garlic or some spices) or tell them to add their own sauces afterwards to add taste!

Ingredients:- 2 eggs- 1 cup of milk- Half a cup of white bread crumbs (soft crumbs)- 3 plastic spoons of salt- Half a teaspoon of pepper- 2lbs of ground chuck steak

What you need to do:

There really isn’t much to the recipe, the longest part of it is the cooking which takes a good hour and half to do fully.

Grab a large mixing bowl and crack the 2 eggs into it, then add the milk and beat that mixture together gently. Now add in the breadcrumbs and the salt and pepper (plus any other spices etc that you want to add at this point) and give that a good beat as well to mix it all up and avoid big clumps of salt or pepper cropping up when you eat it (not nice I can assure you!).

Now you need to get messy, add the meat to that mixture and get your hands in there and start to much the meat up well with the gooey mix of ingredients. Make sure you separate all the meat and give it a good coating of the liquid mixture. Then roll the meat up into a clump in the bowl and try to get as much of the liquid into that clump as possible.

Grab a 9 inch by 9 inch baking pan and spray some cooking oil around the edge so you can get the meat loaf out easily enough afterwards, then put the meat mixture in and push it down to fill the tin, and pour any extra liquid you have on top of it and allow it to seep into the meat.

That is pretty much it! Now just put the pan into a preheated oven at about 350 degrees and go find something to do while you wait an hour and a half for it to cook. Make sure you check it is cooked fully right through to the middle before you start cutting it up to serve.

Oh and if people think it is dry just add gravy to it!

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