How Wheelchair Stair Lifts Can Help

Crow River wheelchair lifts possess valued features, strength and durability comparable or perhaps even surpassing that of other wheelchair lifts. In fact, Crow River wheelchair lifts (now made by Braun) have been designed to utilize less space than average wheelchair lifts, thus leaving adequate storage space within the vehicle. This is possible through the fold-in-half design prominent within most Crow River lifts, which had been discovered through a major breakthrough in wheelchair lift designs back in 1977.

Stairlifts ashbourne wheelchair lifts are also known by the name of its series, the Vangater. The different models of this brand name include the Vangater II, Minigater and Ultragater. All designs are compact as well as ground-clasping with the aim to conserve more space. An operating switch can be placed on the unit itself or in a hand control attached to a 12-foot cord. Also, each Crow River chair lift is equipped with a downstop/brake function for safety purposes. The wheelchair lifts can also be installed for side entry for vehicles which may be parked on tight spaces.

Crow River wheelchair lifts come in 27-inch, 29-inch and 30-inch platforms with the capacity to move 600 lbs at one go. This is possible due to the sturdy construction and durable material used to manufacture the wheelchair lifts. The Ultragater is made from aluminum, an element that contributes to the sturdiness and lightweight properties of the wheelchair. These are two essential features aimed to provide safety and convenience for users.

Being an electrical lift, Crow River wheel chair lifts are also installed with double safety features for emergency overrides in the event of a power failure. Finally, the best feature of this lift is probably its fast operation cycle, which is possible through a dual-post design. This allows the platform to take no more than 5 seconds to fold or unfold, and no longer than 10 seconds to lift. All in all, the Crow River wheelchair lifts are great for both light and heavy wheelchairs, making them a blessing for wheelchair users.

Ricon Corporation, the makers of the very reliable and very popular Ricon wheelchair lifts, was started in 1971. The headquarters of this company are situated in Panorama City, CA. Since its inception, the Ricon Corporation has been instrumental in giving disabled people high quality mobility products, so as to enhance their mobility and give them access to inaccessible places. In addition to manufacturing Ricon wheelchair lifts, Ricon also makes wheelchair ramps and other wheelchair accessories which can make the life of wheelchair users that much simpler.

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