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Today was a real eye-opener for me when it comes tocutlery and morespecifically knives. I met my very first cutler.

Call me stupid, I never new there was such a thing! Thinking about it now, I can see why – it is a very specific profession and with superstores competing. If you google it you won’t come up with much information, most of it is on Jay Cutler (pro footballer).

He told me – the cutler not Jay Cutler

“Never give a knife as a present.”

When asked why, he refused to tell! So, after buying a brand new knife I came home and found the answer.

What that old man did teach me, and something that you might already know is that a good knife is essential to a kitchen. I would be very surprised if you had not seen chefs walking around with huge rolls of knives. Every chef must have her own set of knives, plastic cutlery and more.

A great salesman. If he had more time, he could have me walking out the door not only with the pairing knife but a huge collection costing $1000s! A pretty penny indeed. Which brought me to – How expensive is a knife?

Check out this one that I found on

Made from sterling silver and eight diamonds. It has to be the most expensive kitchen knife at


Amazing, huh? But don’t worry, you can get great plastic cutlery and more for well under $39000 and you need a good, sharp knife.

He listed so many reason why this is true and I will regail you with two.

A sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. Safety in the kitchen is important to everyone. You will save fingers having a sharp knife because it will slide into everything.

I thought, ‘if a sharp knife cuts everything then surely I will loose more fingers rather than save them’.

“You are dead wrong!” He answered.

According to him, most slicing accidents are caused by not having a sharp knife. A dull knife will slide off whatever you are cutting and straight into your finger! Ouch.

Secondly and very simply:

A sharp knife means fewer cuts and so fewer chances of an accident. Having to hack your way through a slice of beef with a dull knife is not fun. Wouldn’t you rather glide through in one smooth stroke?

There truly are hundreds of reasons why having the best plastic cutlery and more critically, a sharp knife is important. Knife making is really fascinating and truly an art form. After all, professional chefs take a lot of time picking out the right knife – why shouldn’t you?

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